In attendance: Julia W., Suzi, Ian, Julia M., Ben, Meghan

@MIT: Eesh, Mallory

Absent: Genevieve

  • Funding requests
    1. Tropical Party - funded
    2. Art Bar - funded
    3. Diversity Events - funded
    4. Broom ball equipment
    5. Outreach event - settled
    6. Buffins costs are settled with CCB
    7. $18,000 remaining
    8. Change request form
      1. Mandate lottery-based sign-up
      2. Send out notice about the change
      3. Recommend that people acknowledge OGE or APO when the funding is approved
  • Winter meeting
    1. Draft agenda
      1. Budget Update
      2. Open House
      3. JP student discussion points
      4. APO discussion points (Credit cards & orientation recommendations)
      5. Diversity update (Meg and students; WHOI-based ombuds & confidential resources; Diversity statements/cluster hire)
    2. Email will be sent out in the next couple weeks seeking student input
    3. Food - Anejo taco bar
      1. $14 / person
      2. Estimated number of people
      3. Using plastic cutlery is against WHOI policy now - we will ask Buttery and look into purchasing silverware
      4. We will try to avoid plastics for beverages
      5. Ask compost with me about compostable plates for one event
    4. Room configuration either $50 or we do it ourselves
  • Open house
    1. Julia is handling WHOI side
      1. Volunteer sign-up sheets are created
      2. Julia will host the woods hole party and will contact Grumpy’s
    2. Eesh and Genevieve are handling MIT side
      1. Eesh will send out housing statistics form
      2. Admin coordinates the main events
      3. Eesh will coordinate going to Muddy
      4. Eesh will do the tour; needs to be better planned this year
    3. Carpet will be cleaned before open house (Lea will update us on the date)
  • Winter retreat
    1. 33 JP students + 6 guests
    2. Driving and sleeping updates will sent out soon
    3. Recommend people to look at whether and prepare appropriately
    4. Discussed safety/liability
    5. Still need volunteers to cook
    6. Need to get Costco card
  • Swag update
    1. Will be picked up next Wednesday (coincides with the diversity listening session)
    2. Need help on the WHOI side (will be held at APO)
  • Suzi - 28-day worksheet for white and white-pasing people
    1. Discussed whether including a group discussion would be appropriate/helpful
    2. She will send out information to the student body